Inherent Vitality


555 Gallery is pleased to present work that propels us into that great season, summer. Not only do seasons affect weather, growth, and agriculture, they also play a role in human mood and consciousness.

Through the work of these artists this exhibition offers the opportunity to embrace the growth of live plants, to revisit the feeling of swimming underwater and to examine an overwhelming plethora of colors over time off the coast of Maine.


Featured artists: 

         Julie Brook Alexander, Bob Avakian, Brenda Bancel, Robert Beck and Sarah Beck, 

Richard Cohen, Katherine Downey Miller, Steven Duede, Philip Gerstein, Jeffrey Heyne,

Colleen Mothander, Joshua Raiffe, Neal Rantoul, and Jane Yudelman. 


Sarah and Robert Beck have created the site-specific installation In Addition to Permission: Electric Lifesaver Dino Blood II, a new installation using a mix of high and low materials, scavenged wood, hand-blown glass, and light. Sarah and Robert build installations that filter human urine in recirculating water systems to grow food and medicine.  This is a dynamic commentary on the necessity of providing for our needs as a species in a holistic way; the more consideration we have for other species and food systems, and the more room on the planet we can make for biodiversity, the more stable and productive the entire system becomes.  This unique hydrobioart piece illustrates the potential to grow our own food in a beautiful bubbling installation. See a sneak peek on instagram @555gallery. 

Neal Rantoul invites us to dive into a beautiful abstraction of an empty swimming pool in Noli along the Mediterranean coast on Italy.

Faded purple, deep blue, white and turquoise. Wow! So beautiful. Form, right angles, diagonals, depth and flatness. A Magritte-like ambivalence about projecting forward or receding back, and perfect soft light. Sometimes pictures can be such gifts. This was one of those times. -NR


Jane Yudelman’s photographs are brilliant compilations unveiling the magic of time captured over the ocean off the northeastern coast of the US presented in hours, days, weeks.

Brenda Bancel takes us underwater with large scale photographs of swimmers from her series My Home, photographed in the deep end of an outdoor pool and sometimes in the sea.

I lived in the water growing up as a competitive swimmer. For me, water and land are connected, and in this work, I try to pull them together to create one space. Photographing from underneath creates a new relationship where I am a distant observer of the subjects swimming over me, and the connection between the water and sky. -BB

Natural Wonder, Colleen Mothander’s earthy installation, takes us along a miniature cow path and under a grand bower to show us the delights of upcycled furniture covered in natural hide from her company Camden Hydes. Finding worthy pieces of used furniture Mothander reinvents each piece to make it is as unique as the hide that covers it. This is a site-specific installation with images to come.

Work from Bob Avakian's Day series takes us to the beaches and fields of Martha's Vineyard in the heat of the day.

 I venture out in search of scenes that contain an unknown light source or have some other mysterious quality.

Fuller Street Beach from Bob Avakian's "Day" series ©2015

Fuller Street Beach from Bob Avakian's "Day" series ©2015

This exhibition is inspired by ideas of warmth, growth, water and immersion in the vitality of summer. The works included variously act as vehicles for engagement in comfortable days and nights we experience here in New England in the months of June and July.