Leonard Nimoy's



"This portfolio consists of 25 photographs chosen from his 60 year career as a photographer. Each photograph is printed, numbered, and signed by Mr. Nimoy in an edition of twenty-five 8”x10” images, of which the first ten are sold only as a full portfolio in a linen box, including the statement below."

In this collection I am concerned with artful voyeurism. The model is given license to explore a personal experience which is often quite moving, although the photographer’s presence inescapably alters the moment. To reclaim their deepest human emotions, the subjects must turn back to the internal space and free themselves of the contact with me or my camera. It is the instant between the private and the seen, that brief affirmation of the self which I find deeply affecting and the one that I strive to capture and pass along to the viewer.

-Leonard Nimoy


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