Alysia Macaulay


Aionios, the Greek word for eternal, incorporates images of the sea and sky to evoke a feeling of being surrounded by great comfort, strength and courage.

Embarking on a journey of experimentation and discovery that has been nothing short of exhilarating, Aionios led me further down the path toward having a more tactile experience when creating art.  Working primarily with my hands and becoming less dependent on the use of a computer, in this series I explore the genre of works on paper and alternative applications of photography.  Using digital photographic prints as my medium, each piece in this series is created with the instruments of a traditional craftsman – cutting tools, straight edges, rulers, ink and adhesives.  Incorporating color, light, texture, and remnants from previous works, these elements are manipulated and layered to create photographic collages.

Born out of a profound desire to stay connected to those we have loved and lost, Aionios propels us forward toward new adventures, yet binds us eternally to those that are no longer with us physically, yet remain a part of us always.

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