Beaver Swamp, Fall #1 , Gail Samuelson © 2013

Beaver Swamp, Fall #1, Gail Samuelson © 2013

Gail Samuelson

Fluid Terrain

June 19-July 26

Foggy Trees , Gail Samuelson © 2013

Foggy Trees, Gail Samuelson © 2013

Gail Samuelson brings us a surprising landscape with dying trees and bright green mud. A swamp quietly, urgently replaces a forest, as heavy mist rolls through the trees. Samuelson says, “This place smells more like the underside of a rotting log than the sweet scent of pine trees. The quiet is broken by the sounds of startled ducks and woodpeckers rummaging for food. Neither the place nor my photographs are conventionally pretty. But this is a place where I can become calm and intent, clearing my mind of everything but image making.”

“The beavers came to Rocky Narrows two years ago and plugged up Sewall Brook. The beavers don’t care that Rocky Narrows is the first and premier property of the Trustees of Reservations; don’t care that their dam has made a muddy mess of the trails leading to King Phillip’s Overlook, a magnificent view of the Charles River named for the Wampanoag Indian chief. The beavers are there to chew down trees and saplings, make their dam, and flood the place.”

Nauset Inlet #1  , Gail Samuelson © 2013

Nauset Inlet #1 , Gail Samuelson © 2013

In this private, obscure world Samuelson discovers an environment of unique beauty. She brings a natural world to us in an unbelievable blue-green pallet with just enough gentle touches of pinks and oranges. In the woods at that perfect time of day between dawn and daylight, sunset and dark, we are invited into the decaying forest to explore with her.


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