Mary Ellen Strom © 2014

i love your space

march 5 - april 18

Corinne Schulze © 2013

Defne Kirmizi © 2013

Artist reception saturday,

March 7  5-8pm


555 Gallery is pleased to announce I Love Your Space, a multi-layered exhibition opening the gallery space for active involvement with the works of art encouraging visual, tactile and intimate viewing experiences.

Living in a culture inundated with images and visual stimuli, looking to visual arts with a fresh and exciting perspective is almost impossible. In a conventional exhibition setting, affective engagement with the work can feel somewhat impeded.

In I Love Your Space the ordinary (gallery) space becomes a place of immediate interaction, which allows spectators to engage in the work for an active experience.

The exhibition includes video installation, photography, printing, painting and sculpture. Viewers will circumnavigate, sequence, pick up and squeeze the work and use their smart devices and hand mirrors while viewing new work of:

Mary Ellen Strom, Neal Rantoul, Clive Moloney, Brenda Bancel, Todd Danforth, Corrine Schulze, Cynthia Katz, Astrid Reischwitz, Nadine Boughton, Alyssa Minahan, Jeffrey Heyne, and Dorothea Van Camp, Gail Samuelson, Defne Kirmizi and Ralph Mercer, Stefanie Klavens.

Neal Rantoul © 2014