November 7 - December 12, 2015

Opening Reception with the artist Saturday, November 7,  6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Madeleine Altmann, video still from Walking on Ice, 2014

Madeleine Altmann, video still from Walking on Ice, 2014

555 Gallery is pleased to present Spellbound: A World in Flux, an exhibition of video installations by internationally recognized artist, Madeleine Altmann.

The  moving imagery of Madeleine Altmann taunts, tests and subverts the continuity of self amid a world in flux. As visual trickster, Altmann transports us from winter to summer above and below the waterline through a lens always just beneath the surface of reality, close to imagination, contorting our world through ripples and cracks. 

Altmann’s partner, Andreas Uthoff devises installations that are purposefully made from recycled materials, using monitors discarded in the march of ever changing standards. Altmann infuses them with fresh life by creating imagery that is in itself timeless with the movement of waves on the beach, walking or the relentless pounding of a waterfall. Viewers are invited to immerse themselves in underwater videos on a pyramid of sixteen monitors or examine sets of single channel videos on multiple tiny screens housed together in sleek black contemporary wooden cases. 

Madeleine Altmann is a Brazilian-American artist whose work centers around her interaction with natural environments. Altmann has earned two masters degrees, one from San Francisco Art Institute and the other from TISCH School of the Arts in New York.

Altmann’s new work “Diving” will premier as an installation at 555 Gallery in this exhibition and is included in the new round of Art on the Marquee beginning October 14 at the Boston Convention Center. The entire collection of art looping can be seen on Sundays from 8-10pm.

 Additionally in the exhibition is new work in photography, painting and screen printing

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