Spook Light Chronicles vol.2 - the phosphorescent man

"In SLC vol. 2 artists Lara Shipley & Antone Dolezal transport the viewer past Spook Light Road to explore an old relic once known as the Spook Light Museum. This shack in the woods, a museum only in the loosest of definitions, was a legendary hang out for generations of teens. It had a series of owners, all of whom adopted the name and identity of 'Spooky,' making them impossible to distinguish in the stories locals still tell.

The stories often elevate the man to myth. He is sometimes referred to as the Phosphorescent Man, both as an ode to his knowledge of Spook Light history and for his own ethereal nature. 'Spooky would often roam the road fully nude, murmuring his song Come See the Spook Light Tonight and sway to the sound of his own voice. I swear some nights he was calling on the Devil himself,' revealed one Ozark man, referencing a common feeling that if the Devil was a real flesh and blood entity, seeing him out on the backwoods road at night wasn't too far fetched." - Publisher's Description 


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