Steven Duede

"In fugitive floral I'm again confronted by the

energy expressed by beautiful decay."

In this new work I find myself exploring subjects that I’m very familiar with, slightly decayed florals.  These images are the next step in my project of building still life imagery within composted organic materials.  My original focus was delivering still life from inside my own compost bin. In these new projects, I’m taking items out of the bin and bringing them into a less random more orchestrated scenario.

In a portion of this project I’m building images that are a concentration of floral patterns, flower heads and petals some parts of vegetables, gathered together and formed into spherical shapes. When making and viewing them I can’t help but feel like they are at times a reflection of our, or other worlds. A solar system is developing full of chaos and diversity. Each world similar and yet unique, each world exhibiting its own collective personality. Furthermore, within these images I’ve developed simple stark floral studies that in my mind work as a portrait that has an individuality, a persona. Each world filled with citizens, individuals. The flowers are not fresh blooms but those that have had some time to wear and age. In this way, I view each of them as having human traits, charisma.

Shown alongside the condensed spherical structures I aim to tease at the relationship between busy constructions and minimal subject matter while using similar materials. Here I'm building up compositions, and then stripping elements down to very minimal imagery. Without a sense of total chaos, shot in stark isolation and hard contrasts bringing the notion of that beauty and decay into the realm of portraiture, mixed media, photography.  Chaos, beauty, decay, simplicity, these are themes I’ve been working in for some time and they are again compelling to me in these new still life images.

Additional Bodies of work by steven duede

biographical information

The influence of painting is evident in the photography of Steven Duede. An artist, transitioning from painting and mixed media in the late 2000's to working exclusively in photography today, Steven Duede brings his painting experience to the camera.

Studying painting, printmaking and photography at the Kansas City Art Institute, then becoming an entrepreneur, for a time owning and operating a small music shop & gallery, Steven has devoted much of his career to making art and working in creative environments.

His work has been exhibited regularly in the Boston area, New England, and around the nation. Selected Museums and Galleries include the Danforth Museum of Art, Griffin Museum of Photography, DeCordova Museum, Brattleboro Art Museum, Photo Center North West in Seattle WA. Fort Wayne Museum of Art, 555 Gallery/Boston, OuiMille/Boston, Sohn Fine Art, Site: Brooklyn NYC, Colorado Photographic Arts Center/Denver. Public Art Projects with United Photo Industries (The FENCE) as well as King Co. PCNW (City Panorama) in Seattle.

His works reside in permanent collections of Danforth Museum of Art, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and Boston Properties. Works currently on loan to the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University and DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.

Works reside in private collections in Atlanta, Boston, Cambridge, Kansas City, MO, Newton, MA, St. Louis, MO. Burlington, VT, Morristown, NJ, and Namur, Belgium.

His work has been recognized and supported as a fellowship finalist by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Duede founded in 2015 and curates Aspect Initiative, an online gallery/magazine showcasing Fine Art Photography in New England with plans to expand its reach in 2018.

Duede has served as a reviewer for New England Portfolio Reviews and Flash Point Festival Portfolio Reviews sponsored by the Griffin Museum of Photography. 

Currently, Steven serves on the board of directors of the Griffin Museum of Photography. 

Originally from the mid-western USA Steven has been living and working in Boston, Massachusetts since 2001. With a work history in museum operations, academic office administration as well as consulting and design for museums, galleries and arts non-profits he carries his attachment to the creative process to all of his endeavors.

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